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Photo album - Football

Fall 2017 with Essexville Jaguars Youth Football:

Fall 2016 with Bay Area Football League (Essexville Panthers):

Video: 2016 Panthers football October 1 (3:19 .mp4)

Video: 2016 Panthers football October 8 (2:52 .mp4)

Fall 2013:

Video: 2014 flag football (:53 .mp4)

July 2014 Lions Youth Football Camp:

Video: Lions Youth Footbal Camp 2014 (5:45 .mp4)

Fall 2013:

Video: 2013 flag football (:38 .wmv)

Fall 2012:

Video: 2012 flag football (:33 .wmv)

Fall 2011 (my first season):

Video: Playing flag football (:22 .wmv)

Video: Playing flag football and scoring a touchdown (:11 .wmv)

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This is from August 2015. I am with my dad.

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Four Corners, USA

This is from June 2012. Pictured with me is my sister and my mom.

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Michigan USA