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Photo album - Baseball

2022 Garber Varsity

2021 Garber Varsity

2019 Garber Junior Varsity

Fall 2018 Dirt Bags league

Summer 2018 Pony League All Star team

Spring 2018 Pony League

Spring 2017 Pony League (Bay County champion)

Summer 2016 All Star baseball (District 14 Champions; Michigan Champions; and 1st runner up in Great Lakes Regional Tournament, with final game started in Indianapolis, IN and finished in Williamsport, PA)

Video: Team being honored at next season opening day (5:26 .mp4)

Summer 2016 travel baseball - Essexville Lumbermen:

Spring 2016 (2nd place)

Fall 2015:

Video: Stealing home plate (:14 .mov)

Summer 2015 All Star baseball (District Champions)

Summer 2015 travel baseball - Essexville Lumbermen:

Video: Travel baseball 2015 (:48 .mp4)

Video: Essexville Lumberment on rain delay (:07 .mp4)

Spring 2015:

Video: Spring baseball 2015 (1:09 .mp4)

Fall 2014:

Video: Fall baseball 2014 (1:08 .mp4)

Summer 2014 travel baseball - Essexville Lumbermen:

Video: Playing baseball May 2014 with Essexville Lumbermen (1:00 .mp4)

Video: Pitching and batting May 2014 with Essexville Lumbermen (1:36 .mp4)

Spring 2014:

Fall 2013:

Summer 2013 travel baseball - Essexville Hitmen:

Spring 2013:

Video: Playing baseball April 2013 (:22 .wmv)

Fall 2012 - My first season of fall baseball:

Spring 2012 - My first season in the minor league:

Video: Playing baseball June 2012 (:20 .wmv)

Fall 2011 at SVSU baseball clinic:

Spring 2011 at Loons baseball clinic:

Spring 2011 - My second season of coach-pitch:

Video: Playing baseball June 2011 (:28 .wmv)

I played coach-pitch in the spring of 2010:

Video: Playing baseball spring 2010 (1:58 .wmv)

I started baseball by playing T-ball in the spring of 2009:

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This is from August 2015. I am with my dad.

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Four Corners, USA

This is from June 2012. Pictured with me is my sister and my mom.

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Michigan USA